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Our Facebook Group is quite active! Join it and help us expose EVERY scammer for what they are! Can YOU catch a serial scammer???


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ill titleWelcome to Scammers Exposed by DJ CatLady!

Our movement began small. A group of people on Facebook out to expose serial scammers in an effort to stop their scamming ways and protect those who might be victimized by these scammers. We decided that a LIVE radio show, airing the details about the scammer and their ways might deter them from scamming. To date we have reported on HUNDREDS of scammers! This makes it much harder for the scammer to continue scamming.

We are all volunteers, dedicating our time and effort to this cause.

Our members area will have an Education Center that will contain so much useful information about scams and how they are run. We hope that this center will help people become wise to a scammers ways and thus protect them from falling victim!

You will even be able to add to the members section when you find something we have not included!!

This organization was born due to the growing number of scams operating at any given time. We will strive to bring you the latest scams and information as we become aware of it! We will do our best to serve you and keep you safe from these serial scammers and their attempts to prey on you!!

We encountered an interesting issue though, on Facebook the scammers joined our groups and reported posts, thus getting them deleted. So, all of the hard work in gathering screenshots, posting them orderly, etc. was for naught since the scammers work overtime in getting ANY negative posts about them removed from Facebook. They even recruit friends to help them report posts.

After many months of doing the work repeatedly, replacing the posts that get taken down, we decided to make this site. Here the scammers CANNOT get the posts removed simply by mass reporting it like they do on Facebook. HERE, their scamming ways will be preserved for eternity! Potential victims have the RIGHT to know who these serial scammers are and have the RIGHT to be protected from them!!

We hope you find this site informative and utilize it often!



ill titleOur Process

Anyone can call anyone a scammer, so our team makes sure that those included on this site are INDEED serial scammers. When a scammer is submitted to us we investigate BEFORE allowing them to be posted. All documentation is gathered and organized prior to the scammer being shamed on our live radio show.

We also ALWAYS give the accused scammer the opportunity to give us their side of the story.

No accused scammer will ever be shamed on the air without concrete evidence. Our process is thorough and triple checked! We pride ourselves in the investigations we do and hope it can prevent someone from being scammed! ill_2

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